Basic Music Theory

EasyMusic4u Music Calculator is a website that presents you a simple and revolutionary way to learn music theory. The concept is based on Chords and scales which are consequently present to you in a clock format. This is a unique and obvious new way, because the music scale has 12 tones and a clock has 12 hours. As a 7 year young child can read the timescale of a clock, why not the music scale if this is presented as a clock?

Together with Henk Bokdam, a musician from Almelo, they developed the music calculator. It is a tool to learn music theory in a simple and revolutionary way and discover.

Marco Borsato

Marco Borsato

The concept is based on chords and scales in the form of a clock. A scale consists of 12 notes and a clock in 12 hours. Therefore, it is even easy for kids to learn the scales of a ‘clock’, the music calculator. It is intended for everyone, for arrangers, composers, singer songwriters and everyone wants to follow the ‘normal’ music lessons. Are you interested in this music calculator? Have a look in the shop and you can find more information and you can order them.

There are no more necessary needs of expensive books or materials for your basiclearning, everything is there on the website! This site aims on every music student from young to older, for the hobby musician and them preparing for conservatory studies.

For arrangers and componists, singer songwriters and everyone who wants to take simple and quick music lessons. The scales and chords are besides the clockworks, basically shown and added in piano keyboard, pictures and there is a separate part of the website which contains the out written chords for guitarists. Nonetheless must be mentioned that this website is suitable for every instrument player.

1st = Twin Zero 2nd = 1 sharp

Enjoy the lessons and graphics and give your theoretical knowledge a blow with these new presented insights. Use them instantly on your instrument, isn’t that cool?

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